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22 SEO Most common mistakes must avoid Web Developers

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid Web developers

Here listed the most common mistakes made by web developer.And not going to explain as long way just listed in brief text.
If you are a web developer and unaware of SEO things in web developemnt, please read the given list and make your website as SEO frindly.
Some of these things catch from web as spider.

1. Avoid Ugly URL in your website.

2. Avoid Website Title length greater than 70 Charcters.

3. Avoid CSS in Page Heading for font Size use H1-H6 tag.

4. Avoid broken links in your website.

5. Avoid table in your website.

6. Avoid frameset in your website.

7. Avoid Flash Object in your website.

8. Avoid inline CSS in html tags better we user external css files.

9. Avoid Non-Compressed or High file size images.

10. Avoid underscore (_) and whitespace in url, image Name, Page Name better use hyphens(-).

11. Avoid multiple javascript files better use integrated javascript file

12. Avoid following Tags

  • for “applet” tag, the equivalent tag is “object”
  • for “center” tag, the alternative CSS property is text-align
  • for “font” tag, the alternative CSS properties are font-family and font-size
  • for “s”, “strike” and “u” tags, the alternative CSS property is text-decoration

13. Avoid Duplicating content.

14. Avoid non use Meta description Page.

15. Avoid Too much advertisement in a page.

16. Avoid Long vertical page scrolling better use Pagination.

17. Avoid horizontal scroll, it is not user friendly.

18. Avoid Pop ups and unnecessary use of blurring images.

19. Avoid the excessive use of JavaScript and AJAX.

20. Avoid non Responsive webdesign. develop a responsive Web design.

21. Avoid Ugly Code. Best practice is Make Your Code Clean.

22. Avoid long downloading Time.

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